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    Pokemon cards wholesale

    Pokemon cards wholesale

    Pokemon cards wholesale Pokemon cards wholesale

    The Game Concept

    Pokemon, short for “Pocket Monsters,” is a popular Japanese franchise that started as a video game in 1996. It follows the journey of young trainers who collect and train different creatures, called Pokemon, to battle against each other. The game gained immense popularity, and the franchise expanded to include anime, movies, toys, and most notably, Pokemon trading cards.

    Basic Rules

    Pokemon trading card game (TCG) is a two-player card game in which players use a deck of 60 cards to battle against each other. The basic rules involve placing your Pokemon on the field, using energy cards to power up their moves, and knocking out your opponent’s Pokemon while protecting your own.

    Pokemon cards wholesale


    The first set of Pokemon cards was released in Japan in 1996 as part of the original series. The set included 102 cards, and many of them are still highly sought after by collectors today. As the franchise grew in popularity, more sets were released, including the Jungle, Fossil, and Base Set 2. Nowadays, there are over 80 different sets available, each with its own unique Pokemon, artwork, and game mechanics.

    Winning Conditions

    In the Pokemon TCG, the game ends when one player has no more Pokemon on the field or no more cards to draw from their deck. Alternatively, a player can win by knocking out all of their opponent’s Pokemon, without running out of cards themselves.

    Pokemon cards wholesale

    Card Types

    There are several types of cards in the Pokemon TCG, including:

    • Pokemon cards – These are the creatures you use to battle your opponent. Each Pokemon has a type, such as Fire, Water, Grass, etc., and a set of moves they can use in battle.
    • Trainer cards – These cards allow you to draw more cards, heal your Pokemon, or play special effects that can help you win the game.
    • Energy cards – These cards provide the power your Pokemon need to use their moves. Each Pokemon needs a specific type of energy to use its moves.

      Pokemon Cards

      Pokemon cards are the most important cards in the game. Each Pokemon card has its own set of stats, including its HP (hit points), attack damage, and any special abilities it might have.

      Card Attributes

      Pokemon cards also have attributes that describe their type, rarity, and evolution status. The following are the most common card attributes found in the Pokemon TCG:

    • Type – Each Pokemon has a type, such as Fire, Water, Grass, etc. Certain types are stronger or weaker against other types.
    • Rarity – Pokemon cards can have different rarities, ranging from common to ultra-rare. The rarer the card, the more valuable it is.
    • Evolution status – Some Pokemon have multiple stages of evolution, and their cards will show which stage they are in. You can evolve your Pokemon by playing higher-stage evolution cards.
    • Pokemon cards wholesale

      Deck Types

      There are different types of decks you can build in the Pokemon TCG, each with its own strategy and playstyle. Some common deck types include:

    • Aggro – This deck focuses on dealing as much damage as possible quickly and aggressively.
    • Control – This deck tries to control the pace of the game by using trainer cards and special abilities to slow down their opponent.
    • Combo – This deck uses specific card combinations to create powerful moves or effects that can turn the tide of the game.

    What is the Worst Pokemon GX Card?

    If you are a collector or a player of Pokemon TCG, you might be wondering which is the worst GX card. Well, the answer to that question is subjective, as it depends on personal preference and game tactics. However, some of the most unpopular GX cards include Wigglytuff GX, Vibrava GX, and Lunala GX.

    How to Stop Evolution in Pokemon Violet?

    If you are playing Pokemon Violet and want to stop a Pokemon from evolving, you need to use an evolution cancel item. The most common item for that purpose is the Everstone. You can find this item on wild Geodudes and Gravellers, or you can buy it from the Celadon Department Store for $1000.

    How to Ship Single Pokemon Cards?

    If you want to ship single Pokemon cards, you need to protect them from damage and ensure they arrive at their destination in good condition. You can use toploaders or card sleeves to protect the card, and then put it in a bubble mailer or a sturdy envelope. Make sure to use proper postage and consider adding tracking or insurance for more valuable cards.

    What is the Price for Pokemon Cards in the South?

    The price for Pokemon cards in the South can vary depending on the location and the rarity of the cards. However, in general, the prices are comparable to other regions. You can expect to pay around $3-$5 for a booster pack, $10-$20 for a GX card, and hundreds or even thousands of dollars for rare cards or complete sets.

    Can You Get Pokemon Blue on Switch?

    Unfortunately, you cannot get Pokemon Blue on Switch, as it is not a compatible platform for that game. Pokemon Blue was originally released for Game Boy in 1996 and has since been re-released for virtual console on Nintendo 3DS. However, there are many other Pokemon games available on Switch, such as Pokemon Sword and Shield, Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

    We are a Wholesale Pokemon Cards Distributor

    If you are interested in becoming a local distributor or reseller of Pokemon cards, we offer wholesale pricing and a wide selection of products. Please contact us through email, WhatsApp, or leave us a message for more information on how to become a distribution partner.

    Question 1: Can a Shiny Ditto Breed Shiny Pokemon?

    • Yes, a Shiny Ditto can breed Shiny Pokemon.
    • When a Shiny Ditto breeds with another Pokemon, there is a 1 in 16 chance that the offspring will be Shiny.

    Question 2: How to Get Dusk Form Lycanroc in Pokemon Violet?

    • First, make sure you have the Rockruff that evolves into the Dusk Form Lycanroc.
    • Then, level up your Rockruff to Level 25 between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM in the game.
    • The Rockruff will then evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc.

    Question 3: How to Find Pikachu in Pokemon Go?

    • Pikachu can be found in the wild just like any other Pokemon.
    • However, Pikachu is a rare spawn and may not appear frequently.
    • Players can increase their chances of finding Pikachu by visiting popular landmarks and using Lure Modules.

    Question 4: How Do You Play Double Cards in Pokemon?

    • Double Cards refer to Supporter cards that allow players to draw extra cards or search for specific cards in their deck.
    • To play a Double Card, the player must first play a Basic Pokemon card from their hand and then use the Supporter card on the same turn.
    • Players are only allowed to play one Supporter card per turn.

    Pokemon cards wholesale

    Question 5: How to Get Mud Balls in Pokemon Arceus?

    • Mud Balls can be obtained by completing the “The Miasma of Darkness” mission in the game.
    • In this mission, players must defeat a group of Trainers and then find the Mud Balls in one of the rooms.
    • Players can also obtain Mud Balls by trading with other players or by purchasing them from online marketplaces.

    Reminder: Pokemon Cards Wholesale Available

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    We are a professional Pokemon cards wholesaler. If you want to become a local Pokemon cards wholesaler or distributor, please contact us.
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    pokemon cards factory

    pokemon cards factory

    pokemon cards factory

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