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cartes pokemon en gros

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    • Caractéristiques

    cartes pokemon en gros

    cartes pokemon en gros

    Le concept du jeu

    1980 Pokemon Cards était un jeu de cartes à collectionner populaire dans les années 90, basé sur le concept de collecte, évolution, et combattre des créatures Pokémon. Le jeu a été développé par Wizards of the Coast, inspiré de la franchise japonaise Pokémon.

    Les règles de base

    Le 1980 Pokemon Cards game is played between two players with their respective decks of cards. Each player starts with seven cards and aims to defeat their opponent by reducing their opponent’s HP (points de dommage) to zero.

    Les séries

    There were three main series of 1980 Cartes Pokémon: Base Set (1999), Jungle Set (1999), and Fossil Set (1999). Each series consisted of 102 unique cards, and each card had its own rarity level.

    La condition de victoire

    To win the game, a player needs to reduce their opponent’s HP to zero by using their Pokemon cards to attack. There are other ways to win, such as making the opponent run out of cards to draw or forcing them to forfeit.

    The Card Types

    Cartes Pokémon

    These are the centerpiece of the game, featuring various Pokemon creatures with attack and defense stats. Each Pokemon card can evolve into a stronger form by fulfilling certain conditions.

    Cartes de dresseur

    Trainer cards are non-Pokemon cards that can be used to support the player’s Pokemon, heal their Pokemon, or stall their opponent’s Pokemon.

    Cartes d'énergie

    Energy cards are used to power up the player’s Pokemon attacks. They are required to launch attacks and are specific to each Pokemon card’s element type.

    cartes pokemon en gros

    The Card Attributes

    Each card in 1980 Pokemon Cards had the following attributes:


    The name of the Pokemon, trainer, or energy card.

    Element Type

    Each Pokemon card is assigned an element type, such as water or electric, which reflects their strengths and weaknesses.

    Hit Points

    The number of hit points the Pokemon card has. When this number reaches zero, the card is defeated.

    Attack and Defense Stats

    The attack and defense stats determine how much damage a Pokemon can output or absorb.

    The Deck Types

    There were three types of decks in the 1980 Pokemon Cards game:

    Constructed Deck

    A constructed deck is a pre-made deck that players can purchase or build. These decks usually contain a mixture of Pokemon, trainer, and energy cards and are a great way for new players to get started.

    Sealed Deck

    A sealed deck is a deck of cards that players receive at a tournament or event. These decks are usually constructed randomly from booster packs, and players need to use these cards to battle against their opponents.

    Booster Pack

    A booster pack is a small pack of cards that players can purchase, usually containing 11 cards with a guaranteed rare card.

    cartes pokemon en gros

    How Much Is a Pansage Pokemon Card Worth?

    • There is no fixed price for a Pansage Pokemon card. The value of any Pokemon card depends on various factors such as rarity, condition, et la demande. Some Pansage cards can be found for as low as a few cents, while others can be sold for over $100.

    Can I Update My League Card in Pokemon Shield?

    • Oui, you can update your League Card in Pokemon Shield. To do so, you need to go to the Card Maker in the game and select the option to edit your League Card. You can change various aspects of your card, including your picture, background, and greeting.

    Is Gumshoos a Good Pokemon?

    • Gumshoos is an average Pokemon. It has decent stats and can be a useful addition to your team, but it is not particularly exceptional in any way. It is also vulnerable to many types of attacks, including Ground and Fighting moves.

    Can Pokemon Be Eaten?

    • No, Pokemon cannot be eaten. Pokemon are fictional creatures that exist only in games, animé, and other media. It is not ethical or legal to harm real animals, let alone fictional ones.

    Who Owns the Most Pokemon Cards?

    • It is hard to say who owns the most Pokemon cards because there are many collectors around the world who have extensive collections. Cependant, one of the most well-known collectors is Lisa Courtney, who has over 36,000 unique Pokemon cards as of 2021.

    cartes pokemon en gros

    À la recherche de cartes Pokémon en gros?

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    In Conclusion

    • If you are a Pokemon fan, you probably have a lot of questions about the franchise. From card values to game mechanics, there is a lot to explore. Hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about some common Pokemon-related queries. Remember, if you are interested in becoming a Pokemon card distributor, we are here to support you. Get in touch today to start your journey!



    1980 Pokemon Cards is an exciting and entertaining card game that has endured the test of time. If you are interested in becoming a local distributor or retailer, veuillez nous contacter par email, Whatsapp, ou laissez un message.


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    fabrique de cartes pokémon

    fabrique de cartes pokémon

    fabrique de cartes pokémon

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